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Episode 39: How to Polish a Casual Wardrobe [2 Parts]

Whitney and Wyatt talk to Mayna Sgaramella, personal stylist and owner of the Closet Fly, to get tips on what outfits work best for their different body types and "business casual" lifestyles.

Episode 38: Ergonomics at the Office: Top Five Ergo Mistakes 7 min.

We know you use your brain when you're working on your laptop, but how are you using your other body parts, like your back and wrists? Watch Wyatt demonstrate what works and get five tips from Deborah Read A.K.A. "Ergo Girl" for avoiding the most common mistakes.

Episode 37: Ergonomics at the Office: Laptop Tips 6 min.

Even though we know better, we still slouch over our laptops now and then. What about you? Find out how to prevent wear and tear on your wrists and other injuries when we talk to Deborah Read A.K.A. "Ergo Girl".

Episode 36: Going Green Part 2 - 8 min.

Trying to be "green" all the time and doing your part to help the environment can feel overwhelming at times. Should you drink water in plastic or metal bottles? Should you plan a local vacation instead of traveling by airplane? We continue our conversation with Marty McDonald and Hilary Bromberg from Egg, a branding agency focused on sustainability. They share a lot of creative ways you can make little changes to start the journey toward a greener life.

Episode 35: Health Watch: Deep Vein Thrombosis - 7 min.

Did you know more Americans die annually from deep vein thrombosis (DVT)/pulmonary embolism (PE) than from breast cancer and AIDS combined? Yet 74 percent of Americans have little or no awareness of DVT, according to a national survey sponsored by the American Public Health Association. We talk to a good friend, Heather Morelli, who was recently diagnosed with DVT/PE. She gives a first-hand account of how she developed blood clots in her leg and how they traveled to her lungs. Find out what may have caused them and her ideas about what you can do if it happens to you or someone you know.

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