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Episode 31: A Look Back - 5 min.

Did the idea for this Web TV show really originate in Greece? What did Wyatt honestly think after the episode when we rearranged one of her rooms? Whitney and Wyatt talk about why they started the show and some of their most memorable moments. They even share a few photos from the early days!

Episode 30: Happy New Year 2008 - 5 min.

Are you ready to make some serious resolutions for the next year or are you still recovering from a rambunctious New Year's party? Find out what Whitney and Wyatt have planned for 2008 in this mini show.

Episode 29: Happy Holidays 2007 - 1 min.

Whitney and Wyatt wish you a wonderful rest of the holiday season.

Episode 18: Funny Bloopers from the Show - 2 min.

While working in corporate America, we always had to be prepared, keep a straight face under pressure and stay on top of our game. In our new careers as TV talk show hosts, we still have to be polished, but this week's show gives you a glimpse at what really happens every now and then when the camera starts rolling!

Episode 2: The Producers - 1 min.

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