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Relationships & Sex

Episode 26: How to be Single & Happy - 6 min.

Are you completely happy and fulfilled? We talk to Amanda Ford, author of the book Kiss Me, I'm Single: An Ode to the Solo Life and get some tips on how to be happy, whether you're in a relationship with someone else - or yourself!

Episode 19: Gay Men Friends - 6 min.

OK. We admit it. Sometimes we're a little out of our element when producing a show. Especially when the topic is gay men. Find out more when we talk to Karl Fjelstrom, gay man, artist, and gallery owner about stereotypes, the straight woman's fascination with gay men, and some cool shop items.

Episode 17: Woman on the Street: How to Talk to Your Man in Bed - 5 min.

What's the best way to give a guy advice in the bedroom? Before he starts swinging or after he misses home plate? Find out how to talk to your Romeo about romance when Whitney and Wyatt pop the question.

Episode 8: Woman on the Street: Can Women and Men Just Be Friends? - 5 min.

Can women and men just be friends and nothing else? Whitney and Wyatt talk to people on the street to find out what they think.

Episode 4: Chat Lounge: Multi-Cultural Relationships [6 Part Series]

What's it like to have a significant other from another culture? Hang out with Whitney and Wyatt and friends in the Chat Lounge as they talk about mixed relationships with the men in their lives.

Watch in 6 Parts:
Part 1: Description & Stereotypes - 4 min.
Part 2: The Woman's Role - 3 min.
Part 3: Family Visits - 3 min.
Part 4: Food & Decor - 5 min.
Part 5: Language - 3 min.
Part 6: Music & Dancing - 3 min.

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