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Business & Money

Episode 28: How to Follow Your Bliss - 4 min.

Are you doing what you love? Can you pursue your passion and get paid? Whitney and Wyatt talk about how they started their Web TV show. As part of a "How to Follow Your Bliss" panel at The Crave Show with Anne-Marie Faiola, CEO of Bramble Berry, Inc., they share their tips about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur!

Episode 25: How to Brand Your Business - 5 min.

Do you know how to create an unforgettable brand? Or what the difference is between branding and marketing? Whitney and Wyatt speak to Maggie Winkel, the infamous Brand Evangelista, to get the scoop on building a business brand.

Episode 14: Why Women Under Earn [2 Part Series]

Why do women under earn? What are the common ways people undersell themselves? How can you overcome the "good girl syndrome" and be a better negotiator? Get some real tips on how to earn more money when Whitney and Wyatt talk to financial counselor Mikelann Valterra.

Watch in 2 parts:
Part 1: The "Good Girl Syndrome" and Practicing the Pause – 5 min.
Part 2: Negotiating – 5 min.

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