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Beauty & Fashion

Episode 39: How to Polish a Casual Wardrobe [2 Parts]

Whitney and Wyatt talk to Mayna Sgaramella, personal stylist and owner of the Closet Fly, to get tips on what outfits work best for their different body types and "business casual" lifestyles.

Episode 15: What's Your Boob IQ? [2 Parts]

Do you have a clue about your boob IQ? Do you know why women wear bras? Or how many breasts are perfectly symmetrical? Find out what you need to know about "the girls" when The Boob Lady (aka Elisabeth Squires) tests Whitney and Wyatt's knowledge about all things related to breasts.

Watch in 2 parts:
What's Your Boob IQ? Part 1 – 4 min.
What's Your Boob IQ? Part 2 – 4 min.

Episode 13: Woman on the Street - What Men Really Think About Lingerie - 3 min.

What do men really think about lingerie? Is it a waste of money or a good investment in the relationship? Find out what men have to say about all that satin and lace when Whitney and Wyatt pop the question.

Episode 9: Woman on the Street - Aging: Naturally or With Help? - 5 min.

Do you think a woman should age naturally or with cosmetic help? Whitney and Wyatt ask women and men on the street what they think.

Episode 1: Accessories: How to Polish Your Look - 4 min.
Our very first show!

Is it OK to wear gold with silver? Find out from personal stylist, Angie Cox, how to accessorize to look your most fabulous!

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